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endless_street's Journal

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  • endless_street@livejournal.com
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My name is B.B. and the reason I've made my livejournal friends only is so that I can keep track of my friends better. I'm overall a friendly person. I have a tendency of being disorganized and kind of forgetful so if I forget to do something don't be afraid to ask again. ^-^

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Well, my greatest interest at the moment is w-inds. The guys in these banners and my layout. <333 I also like anime and drama’s along with other kpop and jpop. I’m always willing to try new things, but you must be aware that I am a huge fangirl and I love to spazz! ^___^

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A few things you should know before you’re added. You should be at least interested in w-inds. Because well that’s what I mostly talk about and I wouldn’t want to bore you. If you ask me to friend you, you got to friend me back. You should be able to comment sometimes because friends should talk right? And that’s all! ^^

My Colourbars and Other Stuff ^^

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ZOMFG tetsu69 and Keita are SO <3333 XDDD and I am like so totally dating her sdlfafkefjhwefkjhjefewkfj so like back off Keita omg! jfjhkfsd *ded* XDDD

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A banner made by me out of boredom! ^^

And Don't Forget:

w-inds. are Ryohei, Keita, and Ryuichi