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B.B.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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B.B.'s Rant For the Day:
I just made the new layout for w-inds. 5th Anniversary. The boys have grown up so much! *sniffles* Best wishes to them for the years to come! <333

My Boom
Main: w-inds., Ryohei Chiba, Keita Tachibana, Ryuichi Ogata

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Others: Anime, Jdorama, Drama's, other jpop and kpop

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This layout is dedicated to the groups w-inds. The brushes used in the header were made by Soar Above the Sky. This layout was designed and coded by lovesrequiem @ oh_aestheticism. The header was made by myself as well. ^^<

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Friends Only! [
June 19th [2008] 12:15
[ mood | cheerful ]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

If you want to be added please comment here!!! I won't know unless because it's not like I check my own userinfo. I already know who I am. lol!

Check out my userinfo page to see if we share any interest.

No hard feelings if I don't add you back or take a while to add you back. I'll always reply so you'll no why or why not.

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July 8th [2006] 13:12
HUBBA HUBBA! <333 I'm back to spam u with w-inds. pictures again and hopefully some clip spamming, if w-inds. start producing soon *crosses fingers* but you can't blame them with the hot new tour that's starting TODAY!!! O_O Thanks twiggy for the info XDDD

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ehehe [
June 15th [2006] 18:59
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This is too cute XDDD
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June 9th [2006] 16:33
It's true tetsu69


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June 6th [2006] 20:32
One photo!

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I'm Incredibly Tired so I need a Dorky w-inds. Moment! [
June 4th [2006] 12:04
Dorky w-inds. meme!!! Post all dorky w-inds. pictures you can find so we can all laugh together. I need a break. Here I'll start:

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Try to out dork the next photo with a more dorky photo! So there! Beat the Tachibana!

Once again I make a lame game but hey! We can collect dorky pics! It's all good! LOL XDDD
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[pics] Etower TRIAL ^__^ [
June 3rd [2006] 12:50
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credits: vividw-inds. ^^

I really love the colours for these *__*
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[NEWSMAKER] w-inds. July 2006 very LQ =[ [
June 3rd [2006] 11:23
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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credits: wflforums and one Keita picture is from vividw-inds.
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[DL][GyaO] w-inds. no Windy street-22 May 06 [
May 27th [2006] 15:04

woah! w-inds. on Windy Street always takes me 3-5 hours to upload, I couldn've sworn I said I'd never again upload these huge files again total bluff, but the boys putting threads into needles and Keita giggling is a must see. lmao ^___^

And yes, I'll probably upload the next one that comes out. Don't worry. lol Though I apologize for not upping it sooner!

credits: wflforums

and please leave me a comment ^^;;
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[DL] Music Fighter - w-inds. - trial [
May 27th [2006] 14:59

It's been so long since we've seen a performance, Ryuichi and Ryohei look so pretty *_*

Enjoy! ^^

and mmm Keita arms

credits: wflforums
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